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With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to start writing out those all important Christmas shopping lists. If you’re struggling to find the ideal gift for that someone special, why not take a look at the selection of fragrances at TJ Hughes? From luxury designer brands to celebrity favourites, we have everything you need to make this Christmas extra special. Of course, the tricky part about buying a fragrance is finding the right match for the person. It’s easy to pick up the prettiest bottle and hope for the best, but if you’re looking to really surprise someone, why not pick the perfect scent for their personality? We’ve consulted our fragrance experts and put together the foolproof fragrance gift guide, plus their top picks from our 2016 ladies fragrance collection.

Miss ‘Glitz and Glam’

She’s always talking about her big nights out and has a wardrobe full of glamorous party dresses and the latest trends, sound familiar? Miss ‘Glitz and Glam’ needs a fragrance that will see her through till the early hours, something memorable that keeps on revealing different layers as the evening progresses. Our experts have picked three luxury fragrances from the biggest names in the perfume industry, with chic bottles that will go perfectly with their packed dressing table!

Juicy Couture Oh So Orange  Moschino Cheap and Chic Stars Thierry Mugler Alien
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Miss ‘Always on the go’

She’s constantly on the move, whether it’s for work, jetting off on a city break or even just running after the kids. For ‘Miss Always on the Go’ you need to find a fragrance that lasts all day, something fresh and clean that can be quickly spritzed between appointments. These three fragrances are the perfect choice for a busy lifestyle, each one offering a fresh, uplifting scent that will see them through a long day!

Be Delicious DKNY Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker Estee Lauder Beautiful
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Miss ‘Celebrity Gossip’

She can describe the entire Kardashian family tree without stopping for breath, and is the first one to let you know about any dramas in the celebrity world. If you’re looking for the perfect fragrance someone who loves to follow their favourite stars, you’re in luck. At TJ Hughes, we offer a wide selection of celebrity fragrances, from A-List stars that have managed to extend their empires with truly stylish scents, we’ve picked our three favourites below!

Ariana Grande Ari Britney Spears Believe Jade Goody Shh
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Miss ‘Subtle and Sophisticated’

She’s not one for over the top glamour, but she loves designer labels and classic style. Finding the perfect fragrance for Miss ‘Subtle and Sophisticated’ can be tricky, you want something that is both effortlessly stylish and also, timeless. She doesn’t follow trends and wants a scent that compliments her own personal style. Our experts have picked out three of the most coveted ‘classic’ scents, designed by luxury fragrance houses with a reputation for creating truly unforgettable fragrances.

Clinique Aromatics In White Dolce & Gabbana Dolce Nina Ricci Mademoiselle
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Miss ‘Carefree’

Whether she’s heading off to a festival or jetting off on a backpacking adventure, Miss ‘Carefree’ needs a scent that is low maintenance yet encapsulates her free spirit. She needs something that’s fresh and can be slipped into her bag at a moment’s notice, the scent should last all day – offering different levels of fragrance notes that will keep everyone on their toes! Our experts have picked three bestselling fragrances that are perfect for those with an eye for adventure…

Davidoff Cool Water Calkin Klein CK CKIN2U Gucci Flora
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At TJ Hughes, we want to make sure you find the ideal Christmas gifts for less – offering fantastic savings on RRP. Check out our full fragrance collection today, including great value fragrance gift sets that will look great wrapped up underneath the tree!