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Festivals are a fantastic way of spending quality time together and there are plenty of family friendly festivals in the UK designed to engage even the youngest of festival-goers. If you’re planning on heading to a family friendly festival this year, here are the essentials you’ll need to pack for a smooth-running, fun-filled weekend.

The Tent

Whilst the bedtime routine might be out the window for a couple nights as you and the kids get fully into the festival spirit, it’s still important to have a clean, dry and warm base that makes getting changed, putting the kids down to sleep and getting up and out in the morning as stress-free as possible. The trick is to buy a large tent if possible (made for more people than will be staying in it) with different compartments. The compartments can then be kept fairly tidy and mud-free and the ‘porch area’ can be used to store dirty wellies and rubbish bags. Larger tents do come in heavier pack sizes, so make sure you’re able to carry all of your equipment once you get there. Air beds are also a saving grace because they are easy to inflate, can be rolled up for easy storage and can make all the difference when it comes to a comfortable night’s sleep. Don’t want to inflate beds? A great alternative is a fold-up camping bed, slim and narrow in design, they’ll easily fit in the car with your other things.

Camping Chairs and Furniture

Although camping isn’t for everyone, waking up in the outdoors is a great feeling. Festivals are all about that outdoor life and enjoying a drink or two outside your tent is all a part of the experience. Visiting a festival with kids is certainly a bit different to attending one with friends in your youth, but fold up camping chairs that can be carried around easily are the perfect outdoor seating solution for any festival; whether that’s giving the kids breakfast before the day ahead or relaxing around your tent after the little ones are down for the night. As you head out of your tent and into the action, these are also super-handy to sling over your shoulder so tired children can sit down throughout the day.

Sleeping Bags

It’s no secret that camping in the UK, even during the summer months, can get a bit chilly. When you have more than just yourself to think about, you’ll want to consider great quality sleeping bags to keep the whole family toasty. Mummy-style sleeping bags with thick, insulating lining are great for the kids to climb in and for extra warmth and dryness, find one with a hood. Most sleeping bags are super lightweight and can be rolled up into practically nothing so packing them shouldn’t be an issue.


Travelling to and around a festival with mini festival goers is going to be a slightly different experience to doing it solo. Gone is your small bum bag or small crossover that contained the bare minimum essentials. In its place, a large backpack containing things like water, sun cream, sun hats, Pac-a-macs, probably some plasters, maybe even a change of clothes and, most importantly, wipes and hand sanitisers for the whole family. A good backpack will have lots of different compartments so you can organise everyone’s things, a secure zip and comfortable, adjustable straps to help you avoid any back or shoulder strain. Unfortunately, there’s usually almost always a touch of rain at a festival (sometimes a lot) so a waterproof backpack cover is also a good idea – there’s nothing less appealing than a soggy snack; or worse, a waterlogged phone.

Stoves and Cooking Equipment

Whilst there is plenty of food to eat at festivals, quite often the ticket, tent and essentials can be expensive enough so taking a mini stove and few lightweight pots and pans will not only mean you can boil water for that much-needed cuppa but also quickly cook meals at your tent, bringing cheaper ingredients from home. Cooking things before you set off, like lentil curries, and re-heating on the stove will be the perfect sustenance needed for an activity-packed day ahead and handy ready-to-eat packet rice and tins of tuna are also a great idea, all of which can be stored in a cool bag for a couple of days, temperature depending. The pans are also handy for a cooked breakfast, true camping style! If you are thinking of taking a camping stove, don’t forget that you will usually need to purchase a few butane gas containers to keep it going!


Last but not least, wellies. Wellies for you, wellies for the kids, wellies for everyone. Even if you don’t experience particularly wet weather, thousands of people walking through grass over the course of a few days is a recipe for mud, and lots of it. Wellies are durable, waterproof and mean the kids can run through the muddiest of puddles without you worrying about them ruining a good pair of shoes!

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