HolidayJason Koppel

Camping trips as a family are always wonderful, memory-making holidays. What child doesn’t love exploring in nature all day, sitting around a fire and sleeping all bundled up with their siblings and parents? It’s an adventure that is sure to stick in their memory banks for years to come. 

If you’ve never done it before, camping with children can sound like a pretty big undertaking, and one that could potentially be more hassle than it’s worth. However, once you have everything you need, it can be an inexpensive way to adventure and explore as a family, that you can enjoy time and time again. The beauty of camping is that once you have the gear (which you can get on even the tightest of budgets), you’re free to load up the car and camp anywhere that allows you to. Camping trips are an adventure which as long as you’re prepared, the whole family are guaranteed to love. 

If you’re new to camping and a little apprehensive about it, why not camp somewhere fairly close to home so you can always cut the trip short if the Great British weather makes it too tricky. 

In case you’re planning a camping trip this summer holiday, we’ve rounded up everything you’re going to need below:


First up, you will of course need a tent. If you’re planning to camp more than a night or two, consider investing in a tent large enough for the tallest member of the family to stand up in. 

 Dome Four Person Tent £19.99


An inflatable mattress is definitely the most comfortable thing to sleep on whilst camping. Find ones that deflate and pack away easily. 

Double Flocked Airbed £14.99


A good quality groundsheet will insulate your tent floor and keep it nice and dry. Check if you need one as some tents come with them built in.

Sleeping Bag

The easiest and most compact bedding you can bring camping is a sleeping bag. Choose one with a suitable tog for most weather. You can always bring a couple of extra blankets to have over the top. 


It’s worthwhile having one large hanging lantern in your tent and one portable one that can be taken outside (to the toilet!). 

Hanging LED Light £5.99         Wind Up LED Lantern £4.99

Camping Stove

A portable fire pit is excellent for sitting around as the sun sets and making s’mores, or frying sausages on in the morning. A little camping stove like this one is also handy for the kettle and using saucepans on (think baked beans, pancakes and pasta). 

Camping Stove £12.99

Whistling Kettle £6.99

It’s a very good idea to get one of these compact cooking mess sets for every member of the family. They’ve got everything you’ll need and they’ll make you feel like real adventurers!

Compact Cooking Mess Set £9.99

A mini stool that has a detachable table top is surprisingly useful for preparing camp meals. 

Stool/Table £9.99

Camping chairs are forever being fought over. Our advice is to take one for every member of the family to avoid arguments!

Camping Chair £7.99

Microfibre towels are super lightweight and so dry in no time at all (15 minutes whilst outside). Since hanging space is at a premium whilst you’re camping, these are perfect.

Microfibre Towel £4.99

Not a necessity unless you’re really going off-grid where there won’t be any camping facilities, but a portable camp shower can be useful to have in case of emergencies. This one is solar-heated and holds 5 gallons.

Camp Shower £4.99

Again, a non-essential item unless you are going somewhere without facilities, but a water carrier may come in handy.

Water Carrier £3.99