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Fragrances add personality and ambience to the home. Diffusers, candles, room sprays, wax melts and fragrance gels; there are numerous ways to bring fragrance into the home. Certain scents can trigger a mood, create a sense of calm and add energy into the atmosphere, so choosing scents that you like is important. It’s highly personal too. You may find yourself feeling uplifted by certain scents, and sleepy from others.

Using Fragrances In The Home

There are many different methods to use fragrance in the home. We’ve summarised the advantages and disadvantages of some of the most popular below.

Reed Diffusers

Advantages – Reed diffusers are ideal for use in busy households with young children or pets. You can place them high up on top of shelves and cupboards out of reach of little hands, and not think about them. 

Disadvantages – To get the best out of them, reeds will need to be turned every week. The larger the space, the more reeds you need for the fragrance to fill the room. Reed Diffusers need to be replaced quite frequently as the oils run low.

Room Sprays

Advantages – Ideal for a short term fix of fragrance if say you have guests popping over.

Disadvantages – Not a long lasting way of using fragrance in the home as you would have to continually spray throughout the day. 


Advantages – Can last a long time when burned and maintained correctly (by trimming the wick after use). 

Disadvantages – Not ideal when you have small children or pets in the house. The fragrance only lasts as long as the candle is burning. You should never leave an open flame unattended.

Wax Melts

Advantages – Can be used on electric wax melt burners, heated over a small bulb rather than a flame which is ideal for busy households. Wax melts are available in many scents so you can easily switch up the fragrance. 

Disadvantages – Each wax melt tends to last up to 10 hours, so they’ll need changing fairly frequently.

Fragrance Gels and Air Fresheners

Advantages – Plug-in and gel air fresheners are ideal for busy people because they automatically spray or emit the fragrance without you having to remember to do anything. 

Disadvantages – As they are ‘on’ constantly, they get used up rather quickly, so you’ll need to replace frequently. Because plug sockets tend to be close to the floor, the fragrance can tend to stay low in a room rather than evenly dispersed. Fragrance gels are long lasting but are really only useful in small spaces as the scent doesn’t tend to travel far.

Incense Sticks

Advantages – Tend to emit a strong, heady scent that lingers in a room.

Disadvantages – No matter what fragrance you choose, incense is quite divisive as it can be so strong. Not everybody likes it. 

Essential Oil Diffuser

Advantages – Essential Oil Diffusers are not only about making a room smell nice, but also aromatherapy. The diffuser disperses the oil into small molecules that can then enter the body. You then get the benefits of whichever essential oil you’ve used.

Disadvantages – Essential oils and diffusers can be expensive to purchase. 


Fragrance Around The Home

Fragrance has the power to trigger memories and emotions. For many, home fragrances have become a part of their daily routine, helping them to get up and get going in the morning, or wind down after a busy day. We have summarised the types of scents we recommend from our range for each room in the home, so you can make an informed decision.


Spraying some lavender scent around your bed just before you get into it every night, will help your body and mind to know that it’s bedtime and therefore time to switch off and unwind. 


For a relaxing evening routine, try lighting scented candles in the bathroom whilst you have a hot shower or ideally a nice, long soak in the bath. We highly recommend a warming scent such as Vanilla and Coconut, for a deep sense of calm and relaxation. If you find soapy, fresh scents relaxing, try our Fluffy Towels fragrance range. 

Kitchen/Dining Area

In the kitchen/dining area of your home, you may be drawn to sweet, fruity scents such as the Chupa Chups fragranced candle set in cherry, lime & lemon, and strawberries & cream.

chupa chups candle set

Conservatory/Outdoor Seating Area

An energetic and fruity scent is wonderful for use in a conservatory or outdoor seating area. Something like a citronella candle is ideal, because it is a powerful but natural insect repeller. It also smells divine and awakens the senses. 

citronella candle


A fragrance gel or plug-in air freshener is perfect for use in a hallway, as we tend not to have much furniture in our hallways to place candles, diffusers or other home fragrance devices. The Tangerine and Vanilla plug-in would be a lovely sweet and fruity scent for a hallway.

Living Room

A living room is usually the best place to experiment with different home fragrance methods and aromas. The uplifting and fruity Wild Berries wax melts or Vanilla and Coconut wax melt kit would be perfect for a living room.

vanilla coconut wax melt kit