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With Easter around the corner and the school holidays pending, you’re probably looking for ideas and things to do as the weather (hopefully) gets a bit nicer. However, lavish days out and trips away can get expensive, particularly if you’re paying for children too, so here are some top-notch ideas to keep them (and yourself) entertained during the Easter holidays.

Easter baking

If you don’t mind a slightly messy kitchen and enjoy sweet treats, then some Easter baking is a definite option! Not only will it keep the kids entertained but it also means snacks and treats are sorted for the week, and you can even try your hand and baking an Easter Sunday dinner dessert. However, if you want to stick to the basics and keep within a small budget then Easter nests are a great sweet treat to make with the kids. Simply break up shredded wheat and combine together with melted milk chocolate (or white). Spoon out the mixture into individual cake cases and top with mini chocolate eggs. Refrigerate until set. This is a super easy, delicious recipe that requires little more than a good mixing bowl and spoon, and the kids will love it.

Good old board games

With iPads, YouTube and Netflix, children are often absorbed into the online world to watch cartoons and play interactive, online games. Whilst this is often great for development and definitely keeps them quiet when you have your hands full, it’s easy to forget the sociable fun that can be had with a simple board game or pack of cards. As well this, Easter is a tricky time of year weather-wise and we are still subject to colder temperatures and downpours of rain, meaning outdoor activities aren’t always practical. At TJ Hughes, you can buy a range of fun and educational games that you can play with the kids, so make a rule of no TV or tablets for an afternoon and do it like the old days.

Kid’s tea party

Kids spend a lot of the time wanting to be like grown-ups so why not throw them a pretend tea party? Using mini outdoor furniture, finger sandwiches and even milk/juice in teacups, they can pretend they’re having high tea like an adult. There’s nothing like a bit of play to let kids’ imaginations run wild and if the weather permits, the tea party can be enjoyed in the sunshine. If not, move the set inside and turn your living room into a real-life café!

Pack a picnic

Fingers crossed, we are now reaching the kind of weather that might permit a picnic and if there’s a sunny or slightly mild day forecast for the upcoming holidays, why not get out into the great outdoors? Whether that involves venturing out in the car to explore a new and exciting woodland or simply just heading to the local park with a picnic basket and football! Spending as much time as possible outside is a great, fun and cheap way to while away the Easter break – plus it tires the kids out no end!

Movie night

Whilst taking the kids to the cinema is exciting and definitely ideal for a one-off treat, once you combine ticket prices, drinks and snacks you’re looking at a pricy afternoon out – not to mention the hassle of getting everyone there if you live far from a picture house or don’t drive. A great (and much cheaper) alternative is hosting an exciting movie night in your own front room. Write a list of films for the kids to pick from, make your own popcorn, slushies or candy floss, dim the lights and if you’re feeling really creative, you can even make your own movie tickets. Stick the film of choice on your smart TV (the chances are it will be available on Netflix or an alternative streaming service), turn up the speakers and enjoy the cinema experience at home. Perfect.