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The new school term is just around the corner, so we’ve created a simple Back to School Cheat Sheet for parents, to help prepare you and your kids, for the first day back at school.

School Uniform Essentials  

Getting your kids ready in the morning is a challenge in itself, without having to search for a missing school tie. Making sure that you have spare school uniform essentials will make your life a whole lot easier in the mornings. TJ Hughes offers a range of school uniform essentials at up to 70% of the RRP so it might be worth dropping in to your closest store or having a quick look online.

Top Tip: A light-weight water-proof can fit easily into your child’s backpack ready for any unexpected showers throughout the week.

Time Management

It all starts with an early night; so, in our book, Sunday evening clearly stands for sleep. Any devices should be limited at least one hour before bedtime to help your child have a better night’s sleep. Waking up your kids in the morning can be a daunting task but by involving your children in setting an alarm in their bedroom, you can help them to take control of their own morning routine. If they don’t wake up, the promise of a hearty breakfast waiting for them, with all of their favourites, could make all the difference in helping them to get out of bed.

Top Tip: Use a traditional alarm clock rather than a mobile phone alarm so that they don’t get distracted by screen time late at night or before they get up.

Clear Concentration

There is nothing more distracting than being hungry during an hour long maths class. As the saying goes, an army marches on their stomach; so snacks and packed lunches are key.  Prepare snacks and packed lunches overnight and store in the fridge so that you have anything ready in the morning to pop into their school bag before they leave the house.

Top Tip: TJ Hughes now has a range of mixers, juices and blenders at up to 70% off the RRP, perfect for getting some your childrens’ 5-a-day into a few mouthfuls. Blend up a handful of berries, add coconut water and spinach and you’re well on your way to an energetic, vitamin boosting morning.

Snack Box Preparation

Hunger pains, homework and early mornings can all contribute to the number of snacks your kids demand throughout the school week, so it’s important to keep on top of their munching. A great way of giving your kids healthy choices when they come in from a long day at school is to introduce a smart snack box. Using a clear plastic storage box, get creative with snacks such as dried fruit, popcorn, energy bites and fresh fruit. Pinterest is a brilliant online source for kids snack time inspiration.

Hint: If the snacks are within easy reach, your kids are more likely to explore on their own.

Top Tip: TJ Hughes has a brilliant multipurpose 5 draw plastic storage unit perfect to separate snacks and encourage a healthy balanced diet. So fill it up with snacks such as Blueberry Lemon bites, super healthy granola bars and sundried tomato and pesto muffins.

Bag a Bargain

Often we can forget just how many items our kids carry to school. Text books, lunch boxes and PE kits all need to squeeze into a rucksack or bag. A durable, weather-proof backpack is a good choice for school children as it will have enough room for books, snacks and homework.

Top Tip: TJ Hughes has a Milestone multi-purpose rucksack perfect to store all school essentials for only £6.99.

TJ Hughes has a range of back to school essentials, with up to 70% off the RRP. From school uniform essentials, to blenders and juicers to ensure they get their 5 a day, TJ Hughes has everything you need to smash the first day back at school.08/10/2017