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8 Summer Holiday Essentials

With the summer holidays just a few short weeks away, many of us will be jetting off for some much needed sun, and the rest of us will be keeping our fingers crossed for some decent weather to enjoy here in the UK. Remembering to pack everything for a family getaway is no mean feat, so read on for our list of 8 Summer Holiday Essentials.

Reliable Luggage

A sturdy and reliable suitcase is the number one essential for a family getaway. The last thing you need is for your case to let you down, so choose wisely. At TJ Hughes, we have a selection of high quality cases from well known brands such as Alto, IT Luggage, and Megalite.  Choose a colour that is going to stand out on the luggage carousel, and always go for 4 wheeled suitcases. They’re much easier to maneuver around airports than 2 wheeled cases.

Alto Ultra Large Case, £54.99

Alto Suitcase

High Factor Sunscreen

Even if you’re stay-cationing in the UK this summer, stay in the shade, and cover up as much as possible whilst outdoors. Make sure your head and shoulders are covered with a wide brimmed hat, and always wear high factor sunscreen. Recent studies have found that just five sunburns in your lifetime increase your risk of developing skin cancer by 80%. Choose a reputable brand of sunscreen, and go for a minimum of SPF30. Research has shown that ‘once a day’ sunscreens do not provide adequate protection all day as they claim, so don’t rely on a single application. You need to reapply multiple times throughout the day, especially if you’re swimming or sweating a lot.  

L’Oreal Sublime Sun Cellular Spray SPF30, £5.99

loreal SPF30

Fun Pool Inflatables

No matter how old you are, a pool inflatable is always going to be fun! The gold wings inflatable is ideal for relaxing to the max, with a chilled drink in the pool. Whilst the ride-on unicorn inflatable is perfect for splashing around and having fun.

Wings Pool Inflatable, £16.99

wings inflatable

Unicorn Inflatable, £16.99

unicorn inflatable

Hydrating Skin Care

Being out in the sunshine all day can really take its toll on your skin. Of course, we should all be wearing a wide brimmed hat, large sunglasses and factor 50 suncream to protect our faces from sun damage. As well as this though, it’s hugely important to keep your body hydrated by drinking loads of water, and to use a hydrating moisturiser at night to help your skin replenish itself as you sleep. This Moisture Surge Skin Fortifying Hydrator from Clinique is designed to do exactly that.

Clinique Moisture Surge Hydrator, £28.99

clinique moisture surge

Soft Beach Towels

Heading to the beach this summer? Take a few of these ultra soft and lightweight cotton beach towels in geometric prints. We have a variety of colours, so each member of the family can easily identify their own towel (and be in charge of carrying it!).

Cotton Beach Towel, £7.99

blue beach towel

Travel Hair Dryer

Depending on the type of holiday you’re on, and your hair texture, this may or may not be an essential item. If you or your family members do have the type of hair that goes a bit wild in humidity, a travel hair dryer is a good idea as you can’t always rely on your hotel to provide one in your room. If they do, they’re usually not the best quality, and can overheat hair, making it look dry and frizzy.

Travel Hair Dryer, £12.99

Travel Garment Steamer

With this nifty little gadget, there is absolutely no need to iron everything before you pack! Simply roll up your clothes to save space in your suitcase, and use this portable garment steamer to get out the wrinkles when you’re ready to wear something. It takes no time at all to use, and is so small and compact, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it.

Travel Garment Steamer, £14.99

travel garment steamer

Summer Fragrance

Picture this… you’ve been relaxing by the pool all day, the kids have been angels, you’ve read loads of your book and enjoyed a couple of cocktails. You’ve had a long shower, slathered on some aftersun and picked out your favourite outfit for the evening. The last thing you do as you head out the door for a relaxing family dinner, is spray your summer scent. DKNY Be Delicious will put you in full summer holiday mode, whilst Hugo Boss Energise, for him is the perfect fruity, spicy masculine scent.

DKNY Be Delicious Eau de Parfum 30ml, £22.00  

Hugo Boss Energise, Eau De Toilette 125ml, £34.00  

hugo boss energise

Have we missed anything? What are your Summer Holiday Essentials?