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Toasters Buying Guide

Toasters are designed to make our lives easier so it is important that you take your time and consider the size and features when making your decision. At TJ Hughes we offer a range of branded 2 slice and 4 slice toasters to accommodate your needs. If you only toast occasionally, and usually eat pre-sliced bread, a no-frills 2-slice toaster will probably suit your needs. Most have two toasting chambers, side-by-side. They're generally compact, so worth considering if countertop space is an issue. 4 slice toasters are Ideal for larger families, however these tend to be quite bulky and take up more worktop space. If you like chunky bread, look for a toaster with deep slots and a big heating element so the top of your toast isn’t left out.

Variable browning: Variable browning allows you to toast your bread exactly how you like it, whether that is lightly done or if you prefer a more crunchy brown.

High lift facility: This is ideal for retrieving smaller toasted items safely, allowing you to raise the toasting carriage a little higher when the initial lift is not quite enough.

Mid-cycle cancel: When your bread is toasted perfectly a little earlier than expected, the mid-cycle cancel function allows you to pop it up immediately.

Defrost: Toasting bread directly from the freezer is made easy with the defrost function. The toaster initially warms the bread on a lower setting, after the bread has defrosted, the toaster automatically moves up to the main heat setting.

Variable width: This is a good feature if you prefer to cut your own slices from a fresh loaf, the variable width feature will also suit crumpets and bagels.

Crumb tray: This is a handy feature when cleaning your toaster from excess crumbs; the tray collects crumbs in the bottom of the toaster. All you need to do is slide the tray out and tip the crumbs away.

Cool wall: This is a safety feature to ensure the walls of the toaster do not heat up when the toaster is in use, preventing you from accidentally burning your fingers.

Pause: The pause feature allows you to 'lift and look' to see how brown your toast is - if it's not done enough, pressing the toast back down will start the programme where it left off.