Silver & Stone Weed Control Fabric 2m x 5m - Black

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This weed guard control fabric is ideal for any outdoor space. Perfect for ensuring no weed growth underneath paving, in borders, decking or under bark/stone chippings. Easy and quick to fit and lay. Ideal for use in garden, flower greenhouse, fruit garden, landscaped beds, under decks and walkways.

  • Prevent weed growth.
  • Lets air and water in.
  • Holds soil moisture and prevents soil erosion.
  • Encourages root growth by keeping soil moist and cool.
  • Protect soil from excessive rain or water and keeps the Garden clear and neat
  • Reduces weed growth by blocking sunlight and preventing weed germination.
  • Prevent the plants root from putridness.
  • Stops weed growth with a barrier between mulch and soil.
  • Allows water, air, herbicides, fertilizer and insecticides to flow into the soil.
  • Lends insulation to root systems against sudden temperature changes.
  • Minimizes erosion and loss of mulch due to soil intrusion and is chemically inert; resists mildew, rotting and insect invasion.
  • Reduces plant bed maintenance, maintains moisture and cuts the need for watering.

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