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This PawHut tank is perfect for your pet turtle during the colder months. With a built-in water area and a basking platform, they'll have the perfect habitat for a normal day-to-day life. Once the weather warms up, take the tank outside and let your pet enjoy natural sunlight. It comes with a two-hole feeding tube and a wide ramp for exercise. You can watch your pet through the acrylic windows, whilst the wire mesh keeps the tank well ventilated. Features: - Features basking and water areas, offers pets a great habitat to rest and roam. - Top with lid design for keeping your pet safe while enjoying the sunlight. - Openable top panels with wire mesh give adequate ventilation and can be placed lamp. - With a drain hole at the bottom for draining. - 2-hole feeding through for feeding and wide ramp for exercise. - Acrylic window allows you to observe your pets clearly. - Pre-drilled wire hole on the top for adding filters. - No installation for easy use. Specification: - Color: White. - Material: ABS, Acrylic, Wire Mesh. - Overall Dimension: 47L x 28W x 25H cm. - Water Area Size: 32L x 28W x 20H cm(platform), 20W x 10.7H cm(window), 22L x 17.8W cm (top panel). - Basking Area Size: 15L x 24W x 20H cm(platform), 13.4W x 15.5H cm(window), 18L x 11W cm (top panel). - Feeding Through size: 6L x 4.3W x 1.2D cm. - Item Label: D40-014. TWO ROOMS: A built-in water area and basking platform is the ideal habitat for turtles and tortoises. Comes with a two-hole tube for feeding and a wide ramp for exercise. INDOOR & OUTDOOR USE: Keep inside during the winter months to stay safe from the cold. Take outside in the warmer months for natural sunlight. VISIBLE AND VENTILATED: Wire mesh for inside air circulation. Features an acrylic window, so you can clearly watch your pets. DIMENSIONS: 25H x 47L x 28Wcm. Water area: 20H x 32L x 28Wcm. Basking area: 20H x 15L x 24Wcm. NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED.

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