Tower Vortex Manual Air Fryer 3.2L - Black

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Create healthy, evenly cooked meals with this manual air fryer. Boasting a bumper capacity of 3.2 litres, the health fryer is ideal for cooking family meals and can be used for frying, grilling, baking, and roasting with ease. Benefiting from the latest in air fryer technology, its rapid air circulation cooks a wide variety of food 30% faster than before.

The low fat air fryer requires as little as one spoonful of oil, allowing you cook in a healthy manner. In fact, you’ll consume 99% less fat per meal without making any sacrifices when it comes to taste and flavour. Incredibly efficient, the black air fryer can cook 500g of fries in as little as 20 minutes, reducing energy-consumption and cooking time substantially.

Featuring a manual dial, you can tweak the temperature between 80-200 degrees. The oil free fryer also has an adjustable 30 minute timer, complete with a bell to alert you to feeding time. The simple turn dial control allows for hassle-free air frying. The countertop air fryer comes complete with an easy-clean removable cooking basket.

  • 1350W of power for air frying / roasting / grilling and baking
  • Easy to use manual dials with temperature control from 80-200degreesC
  • Little to no oil for healthier meals - lose the fat not the flavour
  • Up to 99 percent less fat with same great taste
  • Rapid air circulation system - allows faster cooking and saves energy
  • 3.2L capacity provides space to cook a meal for the whole family
  • 30 minute timer with bell for perfect results every time
  • Non-stick coated easy clean cooking basket - only needs a hand wash
  • Item dimensions: H29.30cm x W25.80cm x D25.80cm
  • Packaging Type: Full colour box

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