Tower 1.8L 1300W Manual Airfryer - Black

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This Tower manual airfryer has a 1.8 Litre capacity and a temperature range of 80 to 200 degrees C perfect for serving 1-2 people. The airfryer is great for those looking for a fast and convenient alternative to conventional and healthy cooking, with minimal amount of oil needed. The vortx technology rapidly circulates hot air evenly around the fryer, ensuring your ingredients are cooked thoroughly with a nice crispy texture. The sleek and clean design sits perfectly on any kitchen counter. 

  • 1300W
  • Temperature control from 80 to 200 degrees C
  • Uses little to no oil for healthier meals 
  • Easy to use manual dials to set time up to 30 minutes and temperature
  • Rapid air circulation system - allows faster cooking and saves energy 
  • 1.8L capacity 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Anti slip feet design and overheat protecting for added safety 

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