Toni & Guy Hello Day! 2 in 1 Curling Waver

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The curling waver uses unique 2-in-1 barrels to create two different hairstyle types. The inner barrel can be used like a traditional waver to create beachy waves. When barrels are closed and locked together, the outer barrel can be used as a curling wand to create loose, tousled curls. The heat protective glove is included for your comfort while styling.
Follow your Hair wash cycle!
The !HELLO DAY! range features three temperatures, one ideal for each day of your hair wash cycle: Wash day, Second Day and Third Day.
By adjusting the temperature you use on your hair following the hair wash cycle, you can reduce the heat damages for healthly-looking hair.

3 settings related to your hair wash cycle:
Wash Day - 210°C
Second Day - 180°C
Third Day - 150°C
The HELLO DAY! 2in1 curling waver has an automatic Shut-Off feature. Should you forget to turn off the curling waver it will automatically shut off within an hour.

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