Outsunny Steel Frame Garden Kneeler with Resting Foam Pad

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Take strain off your knees as you keep your outdoors looking its best, thanks to this garden kneeler from Outsunny. Using high-quality steel, the heavy frame is crafted into a wide and spacious 58cm size, where a thick foam pad is placed on the bottom to ensure you'll be resting comfortably for many hours. On the sides, the tall and steady legs allow you to hold on whilst lowering down for safety, with a removable bag attached to one side for tools and equipment, meaning there's no need for you to get up constantly. A foldable design, this piece is very easy to carry around with you and can be flipped around for a higher-levelled seat when required.

  • RESTING FOAM PAD: Placed on the bottom, it gives a comfortable place for you to kneel, relieving any long-term stress and strain placed whilst you garden.
  • STEEL FRAME: Strong and tough for constant use, with the long legs giving you a higher level to safely hold on to as you kneel down.
  • REMOVABLE TOOL BAG: Placed over the leg, it gives you easy access to any gardening equipment whilst you are on the ground. Prevents you having to get up all the time.
  • DUO DESIGN: Can also be flipped over to use a higher-level seat ÔÇô ideal if you want to take a break from being on your knees. FOLDABLE: Legs cross over the foam pad, making it easy to carry around with you and store away when not needed.
  • DIMENSIONS: 49H x 58L x 28Wcm. Folded: 13.5H x 60L x 27Wcm. Foam pad: 1.8T x 40L x 15.5Wcm. MAXIMUM LOAD WEIGHT 150KG.

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