Matchify Card Game Professions

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Matchify Professions has two decks of cards. Each card contains 9 symbols. Each card from the first deck has one symbol that can be matched with another symbol from any card in the second deck. This theme allows kids to be aware of the different available careers. It helps them in making an association between any profession and the main tool that is used in that professional. It gives them an opportunity to talk and to spark their curiosity to find out more about each profession and gives them inspiration of what a profession could look like. Kids can make associations between 32 professionals and the main object linked to the professional. For example, the 'Tractor' is matched with 'Farmer', or the 'Chemist' is matched with 'Microscope'.

Warning:Not suitable for children under 5 years. For use under adult supervision

Warning:Toy inside. Adult supervision recommended

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