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THERMOSTATICALLY CONTOLLED – This powerful and practical twin hotplate is controlled thermostatically, the adjustable temperature setting and independent temperature control makes it easy to transition between whatever heat it is that you require. When you reach your desired heat temperature an orange neon light will show indication to help guarantee cooking times are efficient. 

PORTABLE AND POWERFUL – This 2500W stainless-steel cooking appliance is a smart investment for those who enjoy entertaining or cooking while on holiday, the high powered and versatile twin hotplate is lightweight, easily transported to alternative locations and is compatible with all cookware. The hotplate is compact and small enough for use in rooms, boats, patios or cooking on the beach. 

DURABLE AND EASY TO CLEAN – This easily transported twin hotplate is made from stainless steel that is durable, resistant to corrosion and easy to clean. The sturdy appliance is cleaned effortlessly during and after use as spills and stains can be simply washed away with a wet wipe, cloth or piece of kitchen roll.

HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS - The great-value product is made from premium materials to offer longevity and a consistent functionality. The ultra-durable materials are utilised for the manufacturing of the item to ensure it can successfully withstand everyday use and regular cleaning without becoming blemished.

SAFETY FEATURES – To maximise safety, the legs on the bottom of the electric twin hob bottom are equipped with non-slip rubber feet to ensure stability. The superb and easily cleaned hotplate also has an integrated thermostat to prevent the burner from overheating.

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