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There’s something about the Henry Vacuum Cleaner that leaves us feeling comforted and oh-so-nostalgic. Whether it’s his cheeky red face or adorable compact design, no home is ever complete without a Henry Vacuum Cleaner! While real-life Henry vacuums should be classed as an essential item in any home, our poor youngsters can only admire from a distance, hoping that one day this cheeky chap will become their friend. But, what if we told you this didn’t have to be the case? What if we told you that your little one could have their very own Henry Vacuum Cleaner?! You read that right - this toy vacuum cleaner looks and works just like the real thing, but instead, is small enough for little hands. With all of Henry’s much-loved features stacked into this mini-me version, your Little Helper can now whizz around the home and join in with adult tasks!

  • TRUE TO LIFE: This toy Henry Vacuum Cleaner has been replicated to the very last detail!
  • WORKING SUCTION: Little ones can zoom around the home with their vacuum cleaner, picking up small bits of debris along the way.
  • REALISTIC PLAY: Your Little Helper will absolutely love getting stuck into “adult” tasks, adding a touch of realism to playtime.
  • INCLUDES: Branded toy Henry Vacuum Cleaner with working suction, removable debris drawer and nozzle accessories.
  • SUITABLE FOR AGES 3+: 4 C batteries required.

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