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Sea Sick Sam is hilariously funny as players wait, cringing, for the projectile vomit from Sam’s gaping gob. Feed him some grub then rock Sam the sailor in his little boat. But beware! He might projectile vomit all over you. Great for encouraging patience, taking turns, simple counting and self-control as children rock Sam’s boat, hoping he won’t spring bolt upright and lose his lunch all over them. This children's game is easy to learn and leads to loads of screams and giggles – and that’s just the adults! Take turns to feed Sam nibbles of food then rock his boat and wait to see if he will throw up all over you - if he does, you must keep the food and feed some to him next time. The first player to get rid of all their food – WINS! Fabulously simple and completely hilarious fun for childish folks of any age. Suitable for girls and boys aged 4 and up. Includes 1 x Sea Sick Sam assembly, 12 x Foam Food Pieces, 1 x Dice, 1 x Sticker Sheet, 1 rules


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