Silver & Stone Expanding Willow Trellis 1.8m x 60cm

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Hard-wearing and reliable, these top of the range trellis panels have been manufactured using natural willow. Featuring a light and airy look and feel which belies its durable interior, this quality material looks appealing when exposed while retaining optimal functionality.

Expanding up to as much as 1.8m x 60cm x 130cm or 1.8m x 120cm x 130cm, this trellis panel provides security and privacy in spades. The ample size offers by the expandable function allows it to cover most garden walls, applicable to a wide surface area and larger outdoor spaces.

This trellis has a design and dimensions which makes it well-suited to all types of long-stemmed climbing plant. Many climbers, such as honeysuckle, grow by wrapping around a structure such as this, and the added size of the trellis allows your plants to thrive.

Great for dividing areas of your outdoor space or combining with decorative planters, this popular type of trellis can provide the ultimate finishing touch to your garden. Ideal for screening unsightly areas, the attractive diamond pattern creates a striking decorative feature.

Whatever the weather, this quality willow trellis will stand up to the task. Its premium manufacturing allows it to handle strong gusts and rain showers without losing its place or pristine aesthetics. It’s also adept at handling UV rays and regular exposure with direct sunlight.

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