Lewis's Sovereign Stone Copper Frying Pan 24cm

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The stylish copper frying pans are perfectly suited to those who love to cook from home. The elegant and highly desirable copper finish makes a statement in any kitchen. Furthermore, the frying pans manufacturing is ultra-durable to ensure that our pots & pans can withstand everyday use without becoming damaged as well as being suitable for regular cleaning.

This feature gives you optimal control and feels incredibly smooth and comfortable to the touch, this allowing you to move the copper pans without fear of coming into contact with heat. The ergonomic handle is comfortable to grip and heat resistant handle that provide an extra level of quality and safety reassurance in line with the best quality stainless steel sets on the market.

This non stick pan has been constructed to prevent your food from sticking to its base. The super non-stick design is much sought after, and enhances the overall effectiveness of the pan itself. Allowing you to serve up without any need to worry about losing any food to your pan.

The fashionable and highly recommendable copper frying pan is immediately effective and heat up in quick succession. This ultra-conductive nature springs the cookware into life instantly, ensuring there will be no need to wait around to start cooking.

The admirable frying pan has a length of 24cm. The product is lightweight, durable and suitable for use with all utensils.

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