HOMCOM Christmas Tree Pencil Snow Flocked 6' with Realistic Cypress Branches

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HOMCOM's tree for Christmas selection gets you all the ambience the holiday brings without any of the mess the holiday brings. Spending time together with friends and family is really what Christmas is all about, and your tree is something you shouldn't have to mess with (ugh). Our HOMCOM snow frosted Christmas tree will help take some of the hassle out of the holiday. Little mess, simple assembly, and impeccable ambience help make your season just a little brighter.


  • Lush with a cypress tree shape, that provide a healthy, natural look
  • Some of the branches are moulded from real branches for realist tree style and without much shaping
  • Sprayed with artificial snow to add wintry appearance
  • Pencil shape don't take up much floor or table space, suitable for small rooms or a second Christmas tree in an entryway
  • Hinge construction/section design/branches being opened automatically for quick setup
  • Flame retardant branches are unlikely to catch fire or cause serious household damage
  • Sturdy and durable base for better stability

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