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Let the bright lights and beautiful design of this artificial tree, from HOMCOM, illuminate your home in elegance this Christmas. 6ft in size, it is suitable for medium and large rooms. It is covered with fibre optic and LED lights in a white and yellow colourway for a sparkling display. The lights can be set to different flashing cycles with the supplied controller, allowing you to mix up the atmosphere easily. The branch tips create a full-bodied look, with the thick PVC formation offering complete support for holding your own decorations and tinsel in place. It's finished with a metal base for balance and a purple star which also flashes with lights on the top. Features: - Covered in multicoloured fibre optic and LED lights for beautiful ambience in the home. - Pre-set patterns on the lights with the included controller to switch up the ambience. - PVC branches with tips provide support for your own decorations and tinsel. Fire-resistant for safety. - Metal base keeps the tree balanced and upright. - Top purple star completes the design. Specification: - Brand: HOMCOM. - Colour: Tree: Green: Lights: Yellow, purple and white. - Materials: PVC and metal. - Input: 220-240V/50Hz. Output: 12V/9.6W. Custom label: 830-289V70. - Dimensions:150H x ?70cm. Power cord: 1.8m. - Tip count: 170 branches. Light count: 170. - 20-30 minutes set-up is suggested for shaping the branches and tips into desired position. Custom label: 830-289V71. - Dimensions: 180H x ?78cm. Power cord: 1.8m. - Tip count: 230 branches. Light count: 230. - 30-40 minutes set-up is suggested for shaping the branches and tips into desired position. 6FT TALL: It is perfect for the Christmas season ahead, creating a beautiful focal point in the home. PRE-LIT: Covered in multicoloured LED and fibre optic light tips. Can be set to different flashing modes with the supplied controller. BRANCH TIPS: Full-bodied for a real look, the PVC branch tips are sturdy and hold your decorations and tinsel securely in place. EASY TO SET UP: Simply click all pieces together and fix the branches into desired position for roughly 30-40 minutes. METAL BASE: Keeps the tree level and upright. DIMENSIONS: 180H x ?78cm.

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