Pawhut Chicken Coop

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PawHut coops are the best for your chickens, offering spacious, stylish, and functional homes. With an indoor and outdoor area, ramp access, and a nesting box, your chickens will have everything they need. Plus, our solid wood construction is simple to assemble, with four exterior doors and an opening roof for easy cleaning. Give your chickens the ultimate home today!
What's included?
✔ Waterproof roof

✔ Nesting box

✔ Pull-out tray

✔ Private sleep space

✔ Wire mesh

✔ Chicken run

  • - Durable wood and wire mesh construction provides maximum protection and ventilation
  • - Spacious indoor area offers a comfortable environment for your chickens
  • - Fun outdoor run gives pets plenty of room to stretch their wings
  • - Nesting box provides easy access to extract eggs
  • - 2 Built-in ramps for animals to get in and out easily
  • - Top and bottom locking front entries allow easy access
  • - Colour: Natural Wood and Green
  • - Material: Fir Wood, Wire
  • - Overall Dimensions: 204L x 85W x 93H cm
  • - Main Door Dimensions: 27L x 26H cm
  • - Galvanized Iron Drawer Dimensions: 58L x 47W cm
  • - Running Box Dimensions: 69L x 57W x 68H cm
  • - Running Box Door Dimensions: 27L x 58H cm
  • - Connecting Running Box Door Dimensions: 18L x 20H cm
  • - Nesting Box Dimensions: 30.5L x 65W x 33H cm
  • - Ramp Dimensions: 63L x 18W cm
  • - Net Weight: 66 lbs
  • - Assembly Required
  • NOTE: Buyer to determine the number of pets that will fit in the coop depending on breed and size.

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