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Ensure you are comfortable at all times during your under-car maintenance with this creeper from DURHAND. Made using rugged plastic for long term use, it is crafted into an ergonomic design which conforms to the shape of your body, with a thickly padded headrest to provide the right support and prevent and foreseeable strain from occurring. With a carry handle for easy movement, two tool trays on each side to allow you easy access to all you need, it is finished with six multi-surface castor wheels for you to move about easily. Great for getting the job done by yourself. Features: - Ergonomic moulded design that fits to the shape of your body for optimised comfort. - Oil, dirt and grease resistant plastic for everyday durability. - Two side trays for easy access to tools. - Padded headrest provides comfort and support. - Six smooth-rolling swivel castor wheels to move about with ease. - Unique bottom round holes help increase the maximum bearing load. - Carry handle to take with you anywhere, maximum weight: 120kg Specification: - Item Name: Creeper. - Brand Name: DURHAND. - Overall dimension: 100L x 48W x 12H cm. - Material: Plastic. - Colour: Red. - Molded-in tool tray dimension: 27L x 6W cm. - Headrest: 18L x 9W cm. - Caster dimension: ?7.5 x 1.7 T cm. - Weight capacity: 120 kg. - Net weight: 5 kg. - Custom Label: C21-007 MOULDED DESIGN: Ergonomic to fit to your body comfortably. TWO SIDE TRAYS: Allows easy and convenient access to tools whilst you?re at work. PADDED HEADREST: Provides support to prevent strain. SIX CASTOR WHEELS: Rolls on different grounds with ease. CARRY HANDLE: Can be picked up and moved easily. DIRT RESISTANT PLASTIC: Protects against oil, grease etc. DIMENSIONS: 100L x 48W x 12Hcm. MAXIMUM WEIGHT CAPACITY 120KG.

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