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Make beauty products using cooking ingredients. Use the mixer to prepare shampoo, lotions, masks and creams, then pour the mixtures into different bottles. Use the pre-measured sachets to make bath bombs that you can personalise with dried flowers (included). Discover 15 recipes and the benefits of the ingredients used in the instruction sheet with colour illustrations. Comes with Station with bath bomb, workshop and mixer, 3 x 35ml bottles, 1 x 60ml shampoo bottle, 1 x 70ml pump bottle, 1 x 15ml jar, 1 lip balm, container, 3 measuring spoons, 1 x 3ml dropper, 1 spatula, Baking soda (6 x 3g), Citric acid (6 x 3g), 1 sachet of dried flowers, 1 funnel, 1 sheet of labels and a 40 page colour illustrated booklet. Suits ages 7 years +.

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