Silver & Stone Garden Sprayer for Plants and Weeds - 8 Litre

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Whether you’re looking to take on pesky weeds or water plants quickly and easily, this adaptable plant spray bottle is fit for all purpose. Capable of handling all types of liquid within its tank, you can utilise this a highly versatile outdoor grass and plants pump to effectively to water and fertilise plants, clean cars or even bathe pets.
The action of this garden spray bottle relies on manual pressure. This feature makes multi-purpose garden sprayer incredibly easy to utilize and maintain. The garden sprayer is high in durability and built to last for multiple years.
Featuring a powerful spray nozzle, the weed killer spray bottle is able to cover a sizable surface area with ease. The nozzle on the water bottle and sprayer ensures that the exact amount of liquid comes out each time to prevent flowers and plants becoming overloaded when watered.
The pressure release valve puts the control in your hands, allowing you to reach the desired level of pressure while watering and fertilizing plants or killing weeds. This is a crucial internal feature and enhances the manual operation of the weed sprayer for gardening.
Choose between two capacity options to your desired requirements. For something on the smaller side, ideal for irregular use and compact gardens, opt for the 5 litre sprayer. To use a sprayer with enhanced size for larger gardens and longer use, the 16 litre sprayer is perfect.

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