Silver & Stone Solar Powered Bronze Copper Post Lights Pack of 6 with Colour Changing LEDs

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This 6 pack of colour changing LED post lights is a fun and bright way to update your garden. Made with a modern bronze finish, these lights are durable and can be installed anywhere.

Solar post LED lights made are made bronze and coloured glass lenses, giving the solar powered product a glamourous and modern appearance that is well suited to contemporary style yards. In addition to its elegant night time display the post lights have a desirable day time look that looks best when reflecting from the sun.
The automatically controlled lights absorb sunlight in the daytime to produce power for evening lighting show. No equipment or wiring is needed to activate solar lighting. Power will run through product all through the evening and into the morning.
Solar sourced lights are ideal for those who care deeply about being responsible through saving our environment and using smart and renewable energy sources whenever possible. The solar powered lighting is reliable and is able to produce lighting over long periods of darkness.
With no added equipment or wires needed these solar powered lights the base product can be attached and then placed onto a walkway, patio, garden, lawn, yard or any other location you find appropriate to light up.
Materials used for the product are resistant to the impact of windy, wet, snowy and warm weather conditions and are designed to stay upright once placed into the ground.

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