2.5L Liscia Filter Jug with Filter

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Using filtered water improves your health and well being by keeping you happy, healthy and hydrated! Costing as little as 3p a litre, drinking filtered tap water at home or on the go in an reusable hydration bottle saves you £££s and has less impact on the environment. Aqua Optima’s superior water filter 5-step filtration system technology reduces: Chlorine, Limescale, Herbicides & Pesticides, Lead and Heavy metals.

  • Includes 1 x 30 day filter
  • 5 step water filtration system reduces- Chlorine, Limescale, Herbicides, Pesticides, Lead, Heavy Metals
  • Aqua Optima filters improve the taste of drinks and meals, whilst boosting your health and well being
  • Aqua Optima’s fast flow technology reduces impurities found in tap water
  • Using filtered water can extend the use of your kitchen appliances
  • Aqua Optima Original or Evolve filters fit all of the Aqua Optima range of jugs (except Anti Bac jugs)
  • Aqua Optima filters cost as little as 3p a litre compared to bottled water

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