Silver & Stone Garden Compression Sprayer 1.5 Litre

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A compact pump action pressure spray bottle, this bottle offers maximum effect with minimal effort. The pump spray bottles is translucent with gradings for increased accuracy. Suitable for use with water soluble products, the versatile spray bottle for gardening can be applied to allotments, gardens, small lawns and more.

This pump action garden sprayer comes complete with a comfortable hard grip which facilitates a straightforward operation. Fitted with a green spray lid, simply apply a slight amount of pressure to the handle and aim into your desired spot with this quality pump pressure sprayer for plants.

A convenient way to make smaller gardens thrive, this quality garden spray bottle can be used for a number of purposes around the garden. It can be operated as a water sprayer, filled with garden feed or weed killer to take care of stubborn areas and smaller parts of your outdoor space.

Designed to provide a full range of flexibility, the hand pressure sprayer features an innovative adjustable spray nozzle. This quality feature allows users to effortlessly switch between spray patterns, ensuring that you cover the entirety of your desired target area with minimal exertion.

Offering plenty of volume to cover smaller gardens and light spraying tasks, this spray pump bottle is available in capacities of 1 litre or 1.5 litre. This portable compression sprayer negates the need for struggling with cumbersome spraying equipment, rather putting the control in your hands.

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