Every man needs a staple pair of jeans to both dress up for a smart-casual occasion and dress down at the weekend; buying a good quality pair that will survive everyday wear and tear, whilst fitting right and looking stylish at the same time, is essential. Whether you’re just looking for any men’s jeans or something more specific, such as skinny jeans or bootcut jeans, there are plenty of styles available, so you are able to find one that suits you.

What size shall I get? 

When being measured for jeans size, there are two things that you need to consider; leg length and waist size. Men’s jeans are available in several different leg and waist sizes so if you know what you are for each, then it makes buying the perfect pair of jeans easy and straightforward. More men than you think will struggle to find jeans that fit them perfectly - the best pair of jeans will pull up without any struggle and will have a small amount of room between waist belt and body for comfort as well as style. Having your leg measured is also important, whilst a pair of jeans might fit you perfectly in the waist, they might short change you leg-wise; and nobody wants a pair of jeans the wrong length.

Which style will suit me?

Different body shapes are suited to different types of jeans and luckily, there are plenty available on the market to ensure you find a style that you love.


Bootcut jeans are a classic, traditional style of jeans that are fairly tight fitting but go out slightly at the knee and are the same circumference around the ankle. Bootcut jeans are slightly wider to accommodate a boot or other large shoe but aren’t classed as flares. Comfortable, this style of men’s jeans can be worn on several different occasions.


Skinny jeans are tight fitting and the same width all the way through, clinging to the thigh and ankle. These are a stylish wardrobe addition and can be worn with a shirt for a formal occasion or dressed down with a t-shirt and trainers.

Straight Leg

Another classic jean style; no particular shape to these; just straight up and down; not overly baggy and not overly slim. Straight leg jeans are a reliable piece of denim that can be worn at any time but probably have more of a casual feel to them than skinny or slim. Without the denim being tapered in any way, this jean style is a solid fit - likely to fit tightest at the thigh. A lot of men’s designer jeans such as Wrangler jeans or Levi will be sold in a straight leg style.


Chilled out and casual, these are probably the baggiest style of jeans available to buy and as a result will not hug or feel tight on any part of the body. For a comfortable, yet fashionable, pair of jeans, this style is probably your best bet.


Not as tight fitting as the skinny jean but not as loose as the straight leg, slim jeans are for those that are looking for close-fitting men’s jeans but with still enough room to move without restriction. These jeans will hug the thigh and remain close to the ankle but will not be tight fitting.

Which rise?

As well as different leg styles, you also have the option of rise on your Jeans which really depends on how you plan to wear them and what occasion you plan to wear them for.

Mid Rise – these are ideal if you like to tuck your shirt into your jeans as they come up above the hips.

High Rise - these are almost touching the belly button and are great for bigger guys as they tend to have the best fit.

Low Rise – this style of men’s jeans sit more or less on the hips, below the belly button. These offer a casual fit and an overall more relaxed appearance.

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