Lighting can be the difference between a dull, dingy space that feels small and unpleasant and something that feels welcoming, light, airy and even bigger. There are many different types of indoor lighting that you can choose when it comes to decorating, whether you’re re-vamping an older space or have moved into a total blank canvas for a new pad. Choosing your home lighting will depend on your desired look and feel of the room – bright and refreshing for a sociable space or a layer of ambient glow for something cosy and homely, from ceiling lights to kitchen lighting and night lights, the possibilities and choice are endless.

Choosing your lighting style

There are three main types of lighting, both of which can have totally different effects on your room and décor, so it’s important to choose a fitting that fits in with the overall ambience of the space in mind. You will likely have a choice of:

Task Lighting – This is a non-movable source of light that is dedicated to lighting up a space for one specific task, such as reading or cooking. This can come in the form of lamps for desks or dressing tables which can be plugged in and moved around; or, as fixed undercabinet lights which are particularly popular when it comes to choosing kitchen lighting, lighting up work surfaces for safer food preparation.

Mood Lighting – When you want your home lighting to create a specific mood or really fit in with the décor you have chosen for the interior of your house. Mood lighting is often available to buy in the form of functional ceiling lights and doesn’t just serve a purpose, but also becomes a significant part of your interior design. Whether you want a subtle glow to create a calm, relaxed space or need something a little brighter to make a room appear more spacious. Mood lighting is an essential part of all home lighting, whether you’re choosing kitchen lighting, living space lighting or deciding on bathroom lights.

Accent Lighting – When choosing home lighting you might also want to consider accent style lighting that will help you highlight specific features of a room. This could be some art on the walls, a feature area or even a mirror to help bounce light across the rest of the room and make the space look larger.

Choosing your ceiling lights

There are a huge choice of ceiling lights on the market so you’re guaranteed to find something that will suit the style of your home. For a stylish finish some of the options include:

Chandeliers – For a little bit of luxe and grandeur, chandeliers have several light sources and will brighten up any room significantly, as well as being a stunning, decorative addition. Ideal for kitchen lighting or for use in the living or bedrooms.

Pendant lighting – Pendant lights are similar to chandeliers in that they hang down from the ceiling and are available in different, beautiful designs but only have one light source so are a little more minimalistic and a great option when it comes to choosing ceiling lights that will add to, but not intrude on your existing décor.

Spotlights – Fuss-free and subtle but packing a punch when it comes to brightness, spotlights are great for adding dimension to any room and a solid choice when it comes to ceiling lights.

Choosing lamps for your home

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are not only a great way to brighten up a space, but a feature floor lamp can also be the statement piece that brings the finishing touches to your décor. Floor lamps are often tall and thin meaning they fit perfectly in empty corners and can be as subtle or as loud as you like. They are also a cheap alternative to main light fittings.

Desk lamps

Desk lamps are handy not only if you’re working in a study, but can also function as a night light and even make a large airy space feel slightly more homely. Being small, most desk lamps will sit comfortably on the corner of a desk and most have flexible heads, meaning the light can be directed in different places - handy when you want to light up a specific area.

Novelty Lamps

Lava lamps and other novelty lights are ideal for kids’ or teenagers’ bedrooms as they produce colourful lighting that can contribute to a fun décor and are also practical because they can provide a good source of light, without being too expensive to run. They’re also great for retro-themed living spaces.

Different blub types

Once your fittings are chosen, you might then want to consider which bulb type would best fit the room you are shopping for, whether that’s an energy saving LED fitting for your ceiling lights or something powerful yet energy saving to brighten up a large space.

LED Bulb – The longest lasting bulb available (lasting up to 10,000 hours) and also the most efficient when it comes to energy saving. They are suitable for most ceiling lights and lamps for the home.

Smart Lights - A new generation of home lighting, the smart lamp is controlled by your smart phone with which you can adjust the level of light the lamp produces as well as switch it off altogether from a different room. Clever.

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