A kettle is an absolute essential in many British households – mainly to fuel the national tea addiction, but also to quickly and easily boil water for a number of different things. When it comes to kettles, there are so many to choose from, from old fashioned styles right the way through to flashing LED devices and even smart ones that boil themselves. The average tea-drinking Brit apparently has around five cups of tea every day, so having a kettle in full working order is essential. Not only this, but the kettle is also a key feature on the kitchen work top, so something stylish and in line with your kitchen’s current décor is also a consideration. If you’re thinking of upgrading or simply need a new one, here’s a little help on how to choose a kettle to ensure you’re picking the best electric kettle for you.

In order to choose the best kettle for your needs, there are some things to take into consideration. Kettles can become damaged with a build up of limescale, so buying one with a 360 base and removable, washable filters can really help towards easy cleaning.

Pyramid kettles

Pyramid kettles are usually slightly smaller than standard kettles, so are fantastic for smaller kitchens where space is at a premium, and have a lovely stylish, rounded design that looks great on any worktop. Often with a large handle, they are designed with a nod to old fashioned stove top kettles, but with all the features of a modern-day kettle, making them both a practical and fashionable choice; they are also available in a range of different colours, with an average water capacity of around 1.5 litres. Pyramid kettles often have a 360 base and are extremely easy to manoeuvre.

Stainless Steel Kettles

Not only are they super-sleek and shiny, stainless steel kettles are extremely effective in boiling water quickly and efficiently, so you don’t have to wait long at all for that much needed cuppa. Stainless steel kettles are amongst the best kettles on the market because they are sturdy and long lasting, resisting things like scratching, rust and denting due to the high-quality material. The shiny surface of a stainless steel kettle also means it’s easy to clean - just wipe it down for a lovely shiny finish.

Illuminating/transparent kettles

An illuminating/transparent kettle is a super cool and contemporary addition to your kitchen and every tea lover’s dream. With a glass exterior and the use of LED lights, this could be the best kettle for you, if you are looking for something unique to stand out in your kitchen! Its transparency is also super helpful in seeing water fill level and you can watch as your water boils. These kettles are often a little more expensive, using some of the latest technology and so come with a higher wattage level, making for super quick boil time.

Jug Kettle

Super handy when it comes to all of electric kettle features you’d expect, a jug kettle is shaped like a jug for easy, safe pouring and displays clear measurements on its exterior, often in a window style; meaning you can fill the kettle with an accurate amount of water, useful for various cooking activities and making sure you’re only using the energy you need. These kettles are super handy, lightweight, safe and easy to use - perfect for someone looking for the best kettle on a budget.

Travel kettle

Whether it’s a camping trip, a road trip, a summer holiday or a festival, a warm drink is essential when on the go. Travel kettles are the perfect solution to your morning coffee cravings. Often inexpensive and will get the job done as long as you have electricity, travel kettles often have many of the same electric kettle features as standard ones do, but are smaller and extra lightweight for maximum portability.

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