It’s fair to say that an iron is definitely an essential household appliance and when it comes to different types of irons for clothes and other fabrics, there is now a lot of choice on the market. With irons of different shapes and size and those that differ in steam functions, you can find yourself asking ‘what is the best steam iron?’ or looking for the best steam iron reviews as it can often be difficult to know which one to choose.

With the right iron, this tedious chore can be quick and hassle-free. This guide aims to help you decide on the right new iron for your needs.

Different types of irons

Steam Irons

Steam irons are effective because the steam that they generate allows for effective crease removal and the water jet makes for an overall, super fresh and clean finish. Steam irons are great for a quick and effective ironing – perfect if you want to iron something on the morning you want to wear it or work through your ironing pile without it taking up an entire afternoon or evening. This type may be the best clothes iron for some people’s requirements, but the amount of steam generated depends entirely on the power of the model that you choose to purchase and the wattage of that particular iron, so it’s important to take these things into account before you buy. With so many models on the market, choosing the best steam iron for your needs depends on your budget and how often you use it.

Steam generator irons

Steam generator irons are a step up from a traditional steam iron, offering a more powerful and almost effortless process when it comes to blitzing that clean laundry pile. Steam generator irons produce a lot more steam than a regular steam iron and because the steam generator is separate to the actual iron, it means that the handheld device itself doesn’t need to hold a water reservoir. This makes it significantly lighter and therefore easier to glide the iron across clothing and other creased fabrics. For those with a high volume of ironing to do, or heavily creased items, steam generators may well be the best clothes iron for them, although they generally cost more than other types of iron. Their huge water reservoir in the base means that they don’t require refilling as often as many regular steam irons, so this is often the choice for those who do a large amount of ironing in a single sitting.

Different steam functions

Steam Blast

A common feature of some of the best steam irons is the steam blast function, a button located near the handle which can be pressed for a quick release of steam to encourage particularly stubborn creases to shift.

Vertical Steaming

This function works very much like a steamer and allows for a quick iron of clothes, without the use of an ironing board – making it the best steam iron for quick removal of creases from hanging garments such as suits, occasion dresses and even curtains.

Continuous steam output

Continuous steam is an effective ironing feature, the steam will flow freely, taming the textile fabric as you go. However, this uses a lot of water, so the iron will need to be refilled more often if using this function regularly.

Different types of iron soleplate

ate can make a big difference to how it performs. Many soleplates now come with special coatings to improve performance and aid with glide.
  • Aluminium: This type of soleplate is a good conductor of heat, but scratches easily and can be hard to clean

  • Non-stick: This type of plate glides well across most fabrics, although is prone to scratches

  • Stainless steel: Soleplates with this composition have good movement and are hard-wearing

  • Palladium: These soleplates move across fabric better than aluminium, but scratch easily and extra care should be taken when using

  • Ceramic: These plates have a smooth action, are easy to clean and durable

Choosing the best iron

When you’re trying to choose an iron and want to know what the best portable iron is for your home, there are so many factors to take into account. Choosing the best steam iron for your needs will depend on how often you plan to use it, the types of fabrics you will be ironing and the volume of ironing you expect to do in one sitting. These are all things to consider when deciding on the best clothes iron to buy for your household.

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