When the winter months draw in and the temperature drops to chilly single figures, a warm home is something we’re all grateful for. However, depending on the type of home you live in (old, new, terrace, detached etc) it can sometimes be difficult to get it warm enough, which is when portable heaters, which can be moved from room to room, can be a real help. From knowing whether you need a convector heater or an electric fire to discovering which fan heater is best for your home, this guide can help you to stay comfortably warm during chilly evenings and frosty mornings.

Which type of heater is best for me?

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing the best fan heater, such as the size of the room you are heating, how often you’re going to use it and how cold the space is without it. Whether you’re looking for the best bathroom fan heater, best tower fan heater or even the best quiet fan heater, there will definitely be something suitable to keep you warm and cosy!

Fan heaters

Like a regular fan would disperse a cool breeze throughout the room, a fan heater does the same, but with warmed air, making it an easy and popular choice for a quick burst of heat. Most people wonder which fan heater is best, but this really depends on whether you’re heating a small or large space. Fan heaters are great for topping up the heat in a room that can become quite cool in winter months. Many people seek the best quiet fan heater to avoid anything annoying and noisy.

Fan heaters are often the compact models when it comes to heating and so are ideal for small spaces and some even come with a cool fan element for an ideal two in one product. For the best fan heater for your needs, you might want to consider a ceramic model, which are slightly more advanced than standard fan heaters, with some even including LED displays and touch control panels.

Oil-filled Radiators

An oil-filled radiator is a lot heavier and therefore can be more durable than other types of portable heater. Most radiators are oil filled but because the oil is electrically heated it doesn’t need to be replaced or topped up. Radiators retain heat the most effectively and so usually use less electricity because they stay at the desired temperature for the longest. Although heavier, many models are still portable because they come on wheels or castors. Some radiator models have a built-in thermostat and other safety features. These can be ideal as a long term, energy saving solution to cold home spaces.

Convection heater

The power of convection makes warm air rise up out of these heaters and into the cold room, generated by electricity. This means they are powerful enough to heat an entire room for an extended period of time, useful for cold winter nights when you need a little more than just a blast of hot air. Other advantages of convection heaters include the fact that the temperature of each room can be controlled individually and most are virtually soundless. If you’re looking for a convection heater for your bathroom, be sure to look for the best in convection fan heaters with all of the features that you want, coupled with a stylish design that fits with your decor.

Stove heaters

Stove Heaters are great if you want to add both heat and aesthetic into your home, not only bringing a large amount of heat into a cold space but also providing the focal point to a living or dining room with the cosy glow that they produce. Electric stoves are authentic in appearance so look great matched with traditional décor.

Electric fires

If you’re looking for the best fan heater then an electric fire might not serve the right purpose but they are still worth considering as an alternative because they are often extremely easy to install and operate, as well as creating an effective, homely ambience in your living room. They can also be efficient and cheap to run.

Panel heaters

Panel heaters are a great choice when you are looking for the best convection fan heater and the best radiator rolled into one. They are also slim in design so look great with any kind of home décor. Panel heaters are also slightly more advanced when it comes to technology, instead of heating the air, their radiance will travel in a straight line until it reaches a person to heat, meaning you have a constant supply of warmth, without any wasted energy.

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