Whether you’re decorating a room from scratch or are just adding some fresh touches to your existing décor, choosing new throws and cushions can make a surprising difference to the look and feel of a space, whether it’s a living space or a bedroom. Choosing particular fabrics will add colour and texture and can make a room feel like a whole new space with just these minor changes. This guide aims to help you decide what type of cushions could be best for your next redecoration or revamp project at home.

Cushion & throw colours and patterns

If you know what kind of look you want to achieve with your soft furnishings, and what other furniture or statement pieces will be in the room, you can theme the colours, textures and patterns for things like throws and cushions around this.

A plain and pale or dark sofa or bedroom can be lifted with some brightly coloured or printed cushions or throws, but if you have heavily patterned seating, you may be better off sticking to plain throws and cushions in a contrasting, but complementary colour. The wall and flooring colours will also play into the whole effect that you’re trying to create, so take your time finding the shades and shapes that work best.

Personalise your space with cushions displaying your initials, or even spell out a word with alphabet cushions. Bold printed patterns can lift the whole room, helping to make a real statement.

Shapes, sizes and textures

Contrasting textures and sizes can work brilliantly when it comes to throws and cushions. A smooth finish on a sofa can be complemented perfectly by a textured throw, whether it’s fleecy, faux fur, chunky knit or woven.

Small cushions can actually help to make a room with smaller dimensions seem a little larger, and giant throws really ramp up the comfort level visually when you first walk in.

Cushions or throws with really unusual shapes or textures can help make a real statement, whether it’s on a sofa or a bed. Mix and match various complementary colours, textures and sizes for a relaxed, inviting and comfy look, or opt for just one or two coordinated shades for a more formal theme.

Looking after your throws and cushions

Check the care instructions on your cushions and throws before cleaning them, but many can be machine-washed. You can plump cushions regularly to help maintain their appearance and make sure that the filling is even distributed. It’s also a good idea to rotate cushions often, turning them over and round regularly to help prolong their life.

Cushion covers can be vacuumed using low suction and should be spot cleaned immediately if something is spilled on them.

When caring for your throws, make sure you follow the cleaning instructions. Depending on the fabric, some may be dry clean or hand wash only. Throws that are left near to windows may suffer fading from the sun over time, but regularly refolding, rotating and moving so that different areas are exposed should stop this from being too noticeable.

It’s best to shake out throws rather than try to vacuum them, and they can be spot cleaned if needed. Be careful not to use any chemical cleaning solutions that could damage or discolour the fabric.

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