It’s British culture to pray for sun all year round… then complain that it’s a little too hot as soon as summer hits. So, to keep cool during a heatwaves, we offer a selection of desk, tower and pedestal fans in a range of sizes to suit your needs, day or night!

Types of electric fans

Electric fans aren’t just a means of keeping cool on warmer days; cooling fans also circulate the air to maintain a fresh breeze as well as ensuring that humidity levels are kept in check. Cooling fans can also help with ventilation, which can in turn prevent breathing in any dangerous gases and fumes. At TJ Hughes, we offer three different sizes of cooling fans; desk fans, tower fans and pedestal fans – so you can choose the right solution for all of your cooling needs.

How to select a fan

Before choosing the best cooling fan to suit your needs, you will need to think about the size and portability you need. If you’re planning to use the fan in numerous different rooms in your home, you may want to opt for a lightweight desk fan that is easily portable. Alternatively, if you know that one room in your house gets much hotter than the others, it might be worth looking into buying a larger tower or pedestal cooling fans that are a little more stationary. It is also important to consider where you’re going to store your cooling fan when it’s not in use, so it doesn’t clutter up space during the colder months.

At TJ Hughes, we have compiled some of the key comparisons to help you decide on the best cooling fan for your home or office:

Propeller type fans

Propeller-type fans come in a range of sizes to cater for all your cooling needs. Our smaller desk fans usually feature 3 rotating blades to circulate the air around the room and offer immediate cooling solutions with variable speed options to reach the desired airflow. Some of our desk fans feature an oscillating head up to 90 degrees; to cover a larger area - though this feature can be disabled so that the fan only blows in one direction. Our larger, pedestal fans operate in the same way as desk fans, using rotating blades to circulate the air around your room. They are ideal for larger rooms, with variable speed settings to circulate a high volume of air, they provide excellent cooling performance. Some models also oscillate with adjustable height to offer greater flexibility and control.

Tower fans

Tower fans are a great space saving option, if you want a cooling solution that is a little more discreet. This model of cooling fan requires less floor space and features a sleek and modern upright design making them ideal for smaller rooms. Most oscillate to boost air circulation and are quieter than desk and pedestal fans. As well as the expected three speeds and wide arc of oscillation, our range of tower fans include a 120-minute timer which will switch the appliance off once you are asleep saving you energy and money.


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