Christmas is a fantastic time of year, with the whole family getting together to join in festivities, exchange gifts and of course, eat. Many families see Christmas as a time to spend at home and decorating the house is all part of the fun. It’s all well and good agreeing to have everyone over for Christmas in advance, but when the time actually comes around and you have nothing other than a few table cloths, it’s time to get your hosting head into gear and make your home rival Santa’s grotto. Joking aside, this guide will give you an idea of the essentials you’ll need to host your best Christmas yet. 

In the kitchen 

If there’s anything to take centre stage on Christmas day, then it’s the dinner. Christmas revolves around food; whether it’s Bucks Fizz and smoked salmon at breakfast time, roast turkey for the main event, cheese boards and brandy-soaked Christmas pudding come dessert, or the chocolate tin and a glass of Bailey’s as the day draws to a close. If you’re hosting this year, then there are a few things that will make your life a little easier as you take on the task of cooking Christmas dinner. First things first, roasting tins. Ensure you have enough for all of the elements of the dinner, including a large one for the Turkey, plus smaller additions for any other type of meat you might be cooking. The dishes can be served in their trays if you’re opting for a buffet style set up or if you’re plating up backstage, the tins can be binned. If you aren’t a fan of disposable kitchen items, why not buy a great quality roasting tin that will see you through many Christmases.

Tip: roast your veg as well as your potatoes for a super tasty twist.

Other kitchen essentials to ensure your Christmas runs smoothly are a good quality carving knife – after all of the time put into the Turkey, it would be a shame if your tools let you down when it comes to carving even slices. A great carving knife has a thick, ridged blade with a pointed tip, which helps when cutting meat away from the bone. Want to make the perfect Yorkshire puddings? A non-stick muffin tray is essential. 

In the dining room 

Where your guests will patiently await your home-cooked masterpiece, the dining room is your opportunity to really enter into the festive spirit. You may have a house full of guests and more people than chairs, so you might need to purchase a few extra. You can choose a chic, cushioned style if you want to match your existing dining room set or for easy storage, why not go with a couple of fold away options?

Setting the table is also a big task when you’re hosting Christmas, even if there are only a few people to entertain, it’s nice to make things a little more special than your average layout. Table runners are a great addition to a plain table cloth, buy red, green or sparkly white to instantly put a festive spin on your table. To impress even further with your table setting, choose a Christmassy colour scheme such as red and gold and set out plates, wine glasses and napkins to match. If you would like your table to be decorated but not over the top, why not choose wine glasses and plates with a gold rim rather than setting a table full of colour? Table top candles or a small festive centrepiece are also a great way to bring a little luxury to the dining room.

In the Living Room

When everyone’s eaten so much cheese and turkey they need to lie down, the celebrations will more than likely carry on in the living room. Aside from the obvious Christmas tree and tinsel, there are plenty of other ways to make your living area cosy and grotto-like. Christmassy sofa cushions, woollen throws and candles with scents of spice and mulled wine will have your home resembling a winter wonderland in no time and will help to make Christmas day that little bit more special for you and your guests.

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