Carpet washer machines are great for giving your carpet a brand new lease of life, by lifting ingrained grime that ordinary vacuum cleaners can’t reach or break down. Carpet washers use a detergent cleaning solution to reduce the appearance of stains and break down embedded dirt and debris. Using a carpet washer can leave your carpets up to 10 times cleaner than vacuuming, and carpets can be dry enough to walk over in 2-3 hours.

How do carpet washers work?

Usually best used after you have already vacuumed your floor, carpet washers have two tanks built in. One of these contains clean water and one contains the dirty water coming back from the carpet. Some also using heat to help boost the cleaning power, carpet washers work in combination with a detergent solution (that you usually spray onto the carpet a few minutes before using your washer) to work water through the carpet, loosening grime as it goes. The dirty water left behind is then extracted from the carpet by the washer, leaving your flooring looking and feeling much cleaner and fresher, once fully dry.

How to choose a carpet cleaner

When choosing the best carpet cleaner for your requirements, you'll need to consider several factors, such as the size and portability you need. If you're going to use your carpet washer for stairs and in lots of different rooms of the house, or if you only have a small area to clean, it may be best to opt for a carpet cleaner that is lightweight and easily portable. For high traffic areas of the home, such as hallways, living areas, and large rooms, a full size unit might be perfect for your uses. Most carpet washers also come with attachments for use on upholstery too, so it's not just the flooring that can benefit from a deep clean. Also consider where you're going to store your carpet cleaner when it's not in use.

We have compiled some of the key comparisons to help you decide on the best carpet washer solution for your home:

Carpet washer performance

The performance of carpet washers is measured in watts (W). The higher the wattage, the more power the carpet washer can use on your flooring, which usually means great effectiveness with stubborn stains and in higher traffic areas. Other practical factors to consider are the width of the cleaning head; wider machines will cover a larger surface area with each sweep, reducing the amount of time it takes to wash your carpet. Some models also feature edge cleaning brushes, allowing you to clean right up to the skirting board. Motorised brush bars feature on higher performance models, which assist in lifting dirt for a deeper clean and more noticeable difference.

Carpet washer heating

Some advanced carpet washer models feature a heated water tank; this function maintains the temperature of heated water, making it more effective at breaking down dirt and stains in your carpet for excellent cleaning results.

Carpet cleaner capacity

Water tank capacity is measured in litres (l). Look out for two figures when you’re assessing different carpet washers, as there will be two tanks, often of differing capacity. The separate tanks ensure that dirt is not transferred back into the carpet when in use. Larger tanks allow you to clean larger areas without having to change the water. However, it’s also worth considering that larger water reservoirs on a carpet washer mean that it will be heavier to manoeuvre when full.

Carpet washer cleaning solution

Carpet washers require detergent to be applied to the flooring in order to be able to effectively clean your carpet and upholstery. Ensure that you follow the directions supplied regarding the ratio of solution to water that is needed and how many times you will need to go over the carpet for optimal cleaning results.  Concentrated solutions are available for effective removal of stubborn stains from your carpet and upholstery. 

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