Artificial Christmas Trees are a great way of decorating your home in traditional Christmas style; year after year. There are many benefits to choosing an artificial tree; such as, they are mess-free, convenient and cost-effective, meaning you can splurge on the decorations to suit your style.

Artificial trees come in all different shapes and sizes and it really depends on your preference and your existing home décor as to which one you choose. Artificial trees can also be stored year upon year to save the task of buying a new tree every time Christmas comes back around.

Whether you want a show stopper for a large home space or something small and understated to keep a few gifts under or fit in a narrow gap, there are a wide range of artificial trees available to ensure you enter Christmas your way.

Picking a size

Choosing the size of your Christmas tree will depend mainly on two things; the size of the space it’s occupying and your budget. You don’t want a tree that’s going to be brushing the ceiling or making the room seem really small, but at the same time you want it to be noticed as it will likely be the centrepiece of your décor.

Bigger, fuller trees do tend to be a little pricier but if you have the budget to do so, it can sometimes be nice to have a tree that lights up the whole room. Generally, the size guide to Christmas tree buying states that if you are going to buy a big tree, you need to make sure you leave at least 6 inches between the top of the tree so as not to overcrowd the room. In the same way you don’t want the tree to be too high, you also don’t want a really wide, intrusive tree which will make your home seem overcrowded, so taking measurements before ordering is a good idea.

Picking a style

Whether you want a traditional, dark green style of tree with ‘natural’ looking needles or fancy going a little contemporary with a fibre optic or even silver tree, there are so many more options these days than just the old school red, gold and green ensembles. Coloured artificial Christmas trees can be a great way to stand out from the crowd and fit in with, or complement, your room’s colour scheme.

Popular alternative Christmas tree colours include silver and gold which can have a luxurious effect on your existing décor. Other options include all white or dark green with white-tipped branches (to mimic the effect of snow). For ultimate ease (and neat presentation) why not choose a pre-lit tree? Avoiding the tangled wires and potentially wonky light display, pre-lit trees not only look professional but save you a lot of time. Choose from traditional gold lights or the popular fibre optic design (tiny built-in lights that slowly change colour).

Assembling your tree

Most artificial trees come packaged flat in a narrow box, so you will want to remove the box and potentially ‘fluff’ out the branches a bit before beginning to decorate. The best and most realistic looking trees are often made up of different sized branches, with several different tones of colour; so, if you are after a natural look, it might be worth checking this before you order.

Don't want a tree? 

You can also purchase tree alternatives if you have a really small living space or if trees just aren’t really your thing. For a minimalist approach, try trees with bare branches and small lights attached that will sit in the corner of any room for a cool and quirky vibe. Pop up Christmas trees are also available for those with limited space. These narrow tree substitutes come in all kinds of colours and designs and are usually pre-lit and pre-decorated, perfect for adding a little time-saving sparkle to your home. A pop-up tree is also perfect for those that are busy and want to erect a tree in mere minutes.

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