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Mens Denim Buying Guide

Men’s Denim Buying Guide

They’re one of the most versatile and popular items of clothing in any man’s wardrobe; denim jeans.  Perfect for casual wear, they complement any outfit.  With a range of different styles and rises, it can sometimes be confusing to find just what it is you want.  Our style guide is here to help you.


It’s really important to get yourself measured.  A lot of people are unsure of their waist measurements, and unless you want them sliding down your legs, or alternatively, having them sitting high (think Simon Cowell), it’s important you have the correct measurements.  When you try your jeans on, they should slide up with ease without any struggle.  When they’re on and buttoned up, you should be able to slide your finger in between your waist and the jeans itself.  If you can’t, go for the next size up.  If you’re in between sizes, we’d recommend going for the larger size and using a belt.


When choosing jeans, getting your inside leg measurement is equally as important as having the correct size for your waist.  You should measure your inside leg, which is from your crotch to your ankle.  Then the jeans will be determined by small (S), regular (R) and long (L).  Everyone has a different preference but most men prefer a length that sits on your ankle.  This gives a more stylish look.


There are lots of different styles of denim jeans for you to choose from.  It’s easy to get confused by all of the choice on offer.  To make it simpler, we’ve narrowed it down to four key styles that you should be buying.  They all suit different people, but with these handy guides, you’ll soon find the cut that’s best for you.

Skinny Leg

Many men have tried to pull off this style and failed miserably.  They are very tight, so only for those of you that are really in shape.  Tall and slim guys, you can pull these off no problem!

Slim Leg

Probably the most popular style for men.  This style works for almost all body shapes.  They sound similar to skinny jeans but the slim leg is far more flattering to every shape size.  They are not form fitting around the calf and thighs, and they’re looser around the ankle, allowing you to wear them over boots.

Straight Leg

Straight legs jeans are exactly what they say, straight leg.  There’s no tapering, which means the shape of the jeans is quite solid.  These jeans are great for almost all body shapes and are a popular choice.  As your thighs are the thickest part of your leg, these jeans will fit tighter here and looser at the knee area.

Wide Leg

Wider leg fit is a trend that is very popular this season.  They look great with a pair of low top trainers.  They don’t have a real shape to them, and they do widen at the thigh, giving your plenty of room for comfort as there is no restriction.


Tapered jeans are baggier around the thighs but taper inwards to create a slim lower leg and skinny ankle. Best for regular/slim builds, they’re more forgiving around the thighs than skinnies and are a great casual shape.


Just as import is the ‘rise’ of your jeans.  This is the distance between the crotch and the waist.

Low rise

These will generally sit snugly, a few inches below your naval.

Medium rise

A good in-between fit, that’s fashionable and won’t sit too high.

High rise

This is a good option if you wear your shirts and T-shirts loose and un-tucked.  It creates an unfussy and streamlined look.


Stone wash, vintage wash and stretch are some of the types of denim to choose from.  Jeans in a classic wash are more common; these are not faded and are a wardrobe must for men who wear jeans on a regular basis.  Dark blue is the most versatile colour for jeans.  A pair of dark blue jeans can be dressed up or down for many occasions.