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Heating Buying Guide

Having a warm home is one of the basic pleasures of modern life, whether it’s a quick and portable heating solution or a long term statement feature for your home, we can offer you appliances that suit your needs which are both effective and stylish.

In addition to this we also offer electric blankets to create a warm and welcoming bed on those colder nights.

Fan Heater

Fan heaters are effective for taking the chill out of a room quickly and offer a number of settings to maintain the room temperature. The compact and lightweight design makes them ideal for storing away when not in use. Some include a cool fan setting, giving a perfect solution whatever the weather.

Halogen Heater

Halogen heaters are far more effective at direct or spot heating people, rather than being used to heat the entire room. Instead of using electrical coils or gas powered elements, a halogen heater uses radiant heat from tubes containing halogen, a combination of non-metallic elements that heat up rapidly and create a hot radiating heat source. Internal blowers push the heat out through a grid on the front of the unit.


Oil filled radiators are a more durable heating solution, they are ideal for long term use and usually have wheels attached making them easy to position where ever you need them most. Heat is retained after the radiator is switched off as the oil takes time to cool down.

Convector heater

Like fan heaters, convector heaters offer a quick and effective heating solution with the advantage of being much quieter. Most models are slim and can be fitted to the wall which means they can be kept out the way.

Electric Fire

Electric fires are the most stylish heat source for a room, designed to either sit in place of a chimney fireplace or wall mounted as a modern feature. They are generally fitted with convection heat elements to effectively heat your room.

Stove Heater


Stove heaters add a rustic charm to your room and usually feature a log or coal burning effect. Like electric fires they use convection heating elements and some models are fan assisted to circulate the heat faster.