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Garden Furniture Buying Guide

TJ’S Protection and care tips for Garden Furniture products.

store your furniture under a cover when not in use. Weather can have extreme effects on certain garden furniture, to minimise this we advise using an appropriate sized cover for various furniture. It is always advisable to have a slightly larger cover, as this will guarantee your furniture is safe.

Covers are great for helping prevent corrosion especially in Winter Months.

 In high winds don't forget to remove parasols/gazebos and canopies on swing seats when it gets windy, this prevents hard damage to these furniture lines and potentially the rest of your garden.

WOODEN SETS                                                        

To remain in best possible condition your wooden furniture will need treating annually. Wood oil can help with treatment, and will make your furniture last longer whilst keeping its original look and design.

It’s perfectly normal for wooden garden sets to develop cracks along the grain after they've been exposed to the sun and rain. Although excessive cracking and chipping may indicate more severe weather damage.

Ensure all screws are regularly tightened and inspected for any signs of damage.


 Metal is great if you are looking for low maintenance, long-lasting furniture.

Metal garden furniture requires little maintenance, and is mostly cleaned with water. You can use a pressure washer on a low setting to clean it, but avoid using it on more fragile parts such as glass tops as this may cause damage to the design.

With steel sets make sure that any scratches that expose the bare metal underneath are treated to prevent rust. If rust occurs, remove using steel wool, and then touch up the affected area using an exterior metal paint of the same colour.


Synthetic rattan called Poly-Rattan is the most common material in garden furniture, due to its sturdiness and unique design.

Poly-Rattan is UV and water resistant and requires little maintenance, simply wash and wipe down when required. However, the steel frame will require the same care as metal garden furniture.

If left outdoors during colder weather, Poly Rattan can wear split or peel. Suitable covers will help to prevent heavy frosts. 


If parasols get wet, leave them open to dry out thoroughly. This will prevent any damage to the frame and will also keep the fabric in great condition.

They should always be removed and stored in high winds and throughout winter.