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Give your furry friends an ideal mix of freedom and security with a PawHut rabbit playpen. They'll experience the best of both worlds in a home where they have plenty of space to hop around. This comfortable wooden hutch features weather-resistant material and construction. The enclosed area is designed for privacy and rest, while the run offers a more open style built for play. The top can be opened and closed for easy access to the inside space for cleaning, feeding, and other routine tasks.


  • - Comfortable main house for privacy and rest while the run offers an open style built for play
  • - You can open the top of the main house and the run for easy access to the inside
  • - Tight wire spacing for better protection and ventilation
  • - Weather-resistant fir wood material and water-resistant composite asphalt roof make this rabbit hutch a perfect shelter
  • - Compact design saves you so much space
  • - Suitable for outdoor and indoor use
  • - Suitable for about 2 rabbits. - Assembly required

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