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Give your rabbit a place they'll truly love with this large rabbit cage from PawHut, consisting of a two-level house and a large outdoor run. Made from solid fir wood in a natural finish for continual support all-year round, the rabbit house features a spacious house, a side room and a tilted roof, preventing water from building up and protecting your pet from water and UV rays from entering inside, with it covered in water-resistant paint to make it suitable for outdoor use.

Features: -

  • Crafted from solid fir wood with non-hazardous waterproof paint to ensure strength and protection for use all-year round.
  • Two-level design of a large living space, side room and outdoor run area, giving your small pet flexibility to rest, relax and enjoy fresh air.
  • Tilted asphalt roof, stops water build up and protects the inside from water and UV damage inside.
  • Easy access, with the opening roof of the side room, multiple doors with secure latches and slide-out tray for cleaning.
  • Non-slip ramp with middle wood strip provides easy and safe access in and out for your pet.
  • Perfect for rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs and other small animals.

Specification: -

  • Item Name: Rabbit Hutch.
  • Brand Name: Pawhut.
  • Colour: Gold Red.
  • Material: Fir.
  • Overall Dimension: 144L x 64.5W x 100H cm.
  • Main House Dimension: 72L x 48.5W x 68H cm.
  • Side Room Dimension: 66.5L x 48.5W x 66H cm.
  • Bottom Room Dimension: 72L x 48.5W x 32H cm.
  • Net Weight: 13kg.
  • Flat Pack: Yes.
  • TWO-TIER DESIGN: Consisting of a top living area, a side playing room and a large run area, with high metal mesh fencing for them to get some fresh air.
  • SOLID FIR WOOD: Hardwearing and strong, it provides a lasting home for your rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and other small pets.
  • ASPHALT ROOF: Tilted to prevent water and liquid build-up, it protects the inside from water and UV rays for your pets health.
  • WATER-RESISTANT PAINT: Eco-friendly and non-hazardous to health, it ensures the hutch is safe to use all year around.
  • ACCESSABLE: Openable roof of side room, slide-out tray for cleaning and doors with secure latches for easy access.
  • ASSEMBLY REQUIRED. NOTE: Buyer to determine the amount of pets that will fit in the hutch depending on breed and size.

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