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A popular basic design, the three panel clothes airer offers maximum laundry drying with minimal fuss. Suitable for large amounts of laundry, this portable airer has a sizable surface area that can hold numerous items of clothing at once with ease. 

Suitable for homes of all sizes, this 3-fold clothes airer features a concertina design. This design allows the airer to be folded in on itself when out of use, facilitating simple storage and keeping floor space free from clutter. The portable laundry airer is lightweight and can be moved around with ease. 

The reliable clothes horse can be used in indoor and outdoor settings and comes fitted with an integrated locking mechanism. This innovative feature holds the legs in position and allows it to bear high weights and winds without collapsing. 

Lightweight in design, the three panel clothes horse requires minimal attention to keep in pristine condition. When out of use, it can be simply wiped clean with a damp cloth to remove any debris. 

Whether placed indoors or outdoors, the 3-fold clothes airer dries clothes quickly and efficiently. The clothes horse relies on air and therefore negates the need for tumble dryers. This making it a nifty way to reduce energy usage. 

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