Silver & Stone Garden Hose & Hose Connection Set 50m 164ft

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Garden Hose

This essential gardening hose is a necessity for any keen gardener. When purchasing a garden hose, it is crucial to invest in quality to ensure the hose pipes capable of withstanding the long-term effects of garden maintenance.

The water hoses for garden have been crafted using high-quality PVC, which strengthens the flexible hose pipe abrasion resistance, high pressure resistance, and ageing resistance. High quality, durable and firm materials have been used for manufacturing of the hosepipe, the thicker outer PVC coating prevents corrosion and extends the life of the product while offering enhanced grip and slick appearance.

The garden water pipes have been developed to not kink during use, the hose pipe for garden makes use of an innovative anti fold and twist technology to ensure the water hose doesn’t create any crease, knots or deformities and retains long service life.

This trustworthy gardening hose has an elastic outer fabric with dense and rugged lining that can protect the inner tube effectively, the reliable lining provides superior protection from thorns, puncture, sharp corners, extra resistant to bursting and leaks as well as defence from normal friction that can cause damage.

This superb range of strengthened water hose is developed to offer extreme durability and come in alternative lengths to suit the size of your garden, whether you have large or smaller area of garden to cover.

Spray Nozzle Set

This set includes 1x Nozzle; 1x Hose End Connector; 1x Waterstop Connector & 1x Threaded Tap Connector.

This hose connection set is used to stop water flow when an accessory such as a water sprayer is disconnected. Designed to fit male ended connectors, the garden hose end connector can be securely attached in seconds and detached at ease with a simple pull down of the body.

The watering hose accessory comes with two separate parts. When the two separate parts are connected, the hose connector fits onto a 1/2 Inch tap; this tap should be male threaded. The top part of the convector can also be unscrewed to fit onto a 3/4 Inch tap.

The hose connection ensures a solid connection; the hose fitting connections are usually function with tap connectors at one end and accessories such as water sprayers or sprinklers at the other end.

The nozzle has multiple setting for producing water flow that can be adjusted by turning the nozzle clockwise and ant-clockwise, the nozzle is easy to function and simply fits on the end of a hose.

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