Tower Portable Air Purifier - Blue

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Tower Portable Air Purifier - Blue

Our efficient TOWER Desktop Air Purifier has a 99.97% filtration rate with a HEPA 13 filter to remove fine particulates. The pre-filter captures pet dander and other large particles whilst the carbon filter removes gases and odours. Clean air is then delivered at a rate of 120m/h, ideal for rooms up to 14m. A powerful PM 2.5 Dust Sensor indicates air pollution levels and the filters' 1500-hour lifespan is monitored by the clever built-in replacement indicator. During sleep mode the display automatically dims the LED lights to create a peaceful sleeping environment. The low 33 decibel output it also quiet enough to ensure an undisturbed sleep with purified clean air. The resulting healthy germ-free environment is ideal for people suffering with allergies or sleep difficulties In addition to the 12-hour timer function, and the 3 fan speed options, you can also choose from 7 colour mood-lighting to set the atmosphere dependant on your preference.

  • HEPA13 filters 99.95 percent of fine particulates in rooms up to 14m2
  • Carbon filter removes odours and gases f
  • Pre filter captures pet dander and dust to
  • CADR rating: 120m3/H
  • 3 fan speeds
  • PM2.5 Dust sensor detects fine particle mater
  • Ambient Light
  • Powerful enough to be used in small rooms up to 14 square meters

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