Silver & Stone Outdoor Solar Ground Lights Pack of 8

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A highly effective outdoor lighting solution, these fetching and affordable lights absorb solar energy throughout the day before springing into life once the sun sets. The likeable display brightens up any garden at night time and offers more than enough energy to provide a whole night’s worth of light.

Perfect for an array of uses, these quality outdoor bollard lights can be deployed in gardens, patios, terraces and all other outdoor areas. Great for illuminating an outdoor seating area during the night, this delightful set can be installed anywhere due to their sizable reach.

If you’re looking to create a more sustainable garden, the stunning solar powered lights are a great first step. Utilising natural power, these LED lights are not mains powered. Their performance doesn’t suffer for this either, providing you with a warm white glow that is pleasing to the eye and environment alike.

No need to think about turning these lights on and off again; thanks to their auto sensor. This sensor detects when the sun rises and sets and knows the correct time to provide light and when it is time to go into charging mode. As such, you can simply set up the bollard lights and leave them to it.

Built for the long haul, these top of the range garden lights have been constructed from stainless steel. This long-lasting material can withstand the impact of the elements as well as any wear and tear associated with outdoor use without becoming damaged.


  • Solar Powered
  • Sensor ground light
  • Waterproof IP65
  • Brushed S/S and ABS material
  • Warm White LED
  • 8 LED in each unit

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