Silver & Stone Outdoor Solar Felix Ornament

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  • This playful and homely solar garden fox light is a piece of garden decor that brings a charming touch to your garden. Comedic and likeable, the ornament features a fox model with solar lights for eyes. The light source is a delightfully quaint addition any compliment any garden with their colourful and vibrant surroundings.
  • The elegant and eye-catching fox can take a proud of place in your garden all day and night. During the day, the garden ornament displays an aesthetic appeal alongside flowers. By night, the LED bulb spring into life and offers a superb light source, combining both its ornate manufacturing and useful lighting functionality.
  • The pleasant garden light is fitted with an integrated solar panel that harnesses the natural resource for use once the sun goes down. For optimal functionality, ensure that it is placed in a clear view of sunlight and kept away from the shaded areas of your garden.
  • There is no manual switch for the solar garden lights, the picturesque lighting has its own auto-on feature. Once the sun goes down, the foxes’ eyes illuminate, creating a vibrant lighting feature which is bursting with character.
  • The fox utilises ultra-bright LED bulbs. These provide added power and depth of colour within the lights for a bold and clear light source, improving the overall aesthetic appeal of the ornament.


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