4 Piece Plastic Tent Leg Base Weights - White

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This is an essential addition to any canopy, gazebo and tent collection. This group of four weight anchors are designed to maximize potential set-up spots and minimize the risk of your shelter or canopy flying away. A safe and secure grounding system is created simply through filling these foot anchors with sand or water. Use them just one time and you'll wonder how you ever went without.

  • Suitable for poles between 20*20mm and 30*30mm. Easy to assemble - No tool required.
  • Clipping system can secure in seconds. Easy in and out screws can be fitted in seconds.
  • Caps on each compartment for added convenience in filling and emptying.
  • Fill with sand or water for additional weight.
  • Water Filled Weight = 9kg (Total 36 kg)

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